Watch the Maroon 5’s Collaboration That Brought Together The World’s Hottest Female Artists, and Movie Stars

Watch the Maroon 5’s Collaboration That Brought Together the World’s Hottest Female Artists & Movie Stars.

Maroon 5’s catchy, upbeat album-closing single ‘Girls Like You’ was released as the fifth and final track of the ‘Red Pills Blues’ album. From the moment that you hit play you’ll start recognizing some of the biggest stars around.

“Girls Like You” by Maroon Five rapidly rose up the charts from the moment that it’s second version featuring record-breaking rapper Cardi B was released. The video is a slight improvement over the first, featuring different scenes of the star-studded cast of female celebs who are featured dancing with Adam Levine.

Did you recognize each and every one of the entertainment A-list superstars who featured in this video? Maroon 5 brought together at least twenty-six female celebrities. Be on the lookout for Jennifer Lopez, Gal Gadot, Ellen DeGeneres, Camilla Cabelo, Tiffany Hadish, Lilly Singh, Chloe Kim, and Mary J Blige to name but a few.

Six months of work went into planning and producing this video, with the entire shoot itself taking five days of filming. Now, you may be asking – just how did Adam Levine get so many powerful women to rock up? Video director David Dobkin provided the answer in an interview with ‘Entertainment Weekly.’

He explained, “Honestly, we put out the call, and these women all showed up. It was almost overwhelming. We [were] so honored each person came.”, later explaining that the one regret he had was that despite all efforts, they couldn’t get Hellen Mirren. The video is certainly a prime achievement and a prime exhibit of the beauty of meaningful art.

Watch Maroon 5’s hit single ‘Girls Like You Volume 2 Featuring Cardi B’, the chart-topping single that drew support from all our favorite female celebs.