Revisit Voice UK’s 2020 Week 1 Highlights, Funny Moments, And Memories

Week one of The Voice UK’s ninth season has come and gone, and we’ve wrapped up all of the highlights. From the remarkable opening featuring all of the coaches but headlining the vocal talent of this season’s new addition, Meghan Trainor, you’ll be hooked from the start. There’s nothing we’ve missed, no moment not covered.

You’ll be amazed by just how many memories can be packed into one week’s worth of blind auditions. Sir Tom Jones treats the audience to more than one song, while the talented singers lining up for the year’s competition are brighter, bolder and louder than ever.

Season nine of The Voice UK started off with a bang, and we were right there to snap up all the first-week highlights in a single clip. Whether you’re looking to get a feel for what lies ahead, or just a wrap-up of all the amazing artists to show your friends, this compilation is guaranteed to have all the electric energy and talent you’re looking for.