Vocalist Peter Hollens Is ALWAYS Amazing, But At 2:55? That Was EPIC

Acapella superstar Peter Hollens takes a recreation of the Gary Jules cover of the Tears for Fears hit ‘Mad World.” It’s a wonderful tribute to this iconic song recorded for the film Donnie Darko – a hit that skyrocketed to the number one UK Christmas single just after its launch.

Who would have thought that YouTube sensation and cover artist Peter Hollens, could have ever transformed this song into an acapella arrangement that’s so good? It’s got the ideal sound and message to help anyone move from depression and dark thoughts to a place of power, purpose, and inner motivation.

When you hear Peter Hollens sing ‘Mad World,’ you’ll be amazed by the way that this bright artist has adapted his voice to take on a darker tone. There is no other cover of the Tears for Fears classic that is anything like this. Peter’s performance backed by equally somber visuals is a must-see music video, and a track that you’ll want to hear over and over again.