Vankova and BDash_2 Slay With This Killer ‘World of Dance’ Routine

Urban dance sensation Jaja Vankova paired up with Hip Hop musician BDash_2 during the 2017 season of ‘World of Dance.’ The pair’s electric energy during their “The Puppet and The Puppet Master” routine lit the stage on fire. Their synchronized robotic dance moves were jaw-droppingly spectacular, and it’s even more amazing when you realize BDash_2 composed the music track.

Jaja Vankova hails from the Czech Republic, where she has been dancing hip hop since she was a girl. Her current style blends house, hip-hop, robot, and krump into a technique all her own. This particular routine showcases her fantastic body control and shows that female dancers don’t always wear tutus and point shoes.

If you love dance, you’ve got to see Czech dance goddess Jaja Vankova’s killer routine ‘World of Dance’ routine with the amazingly talented BDash_2. “The Puppet and The Puppet Master” showcases some of the best urban hip-hop ever to his the WoD stage. It takes ragdoll pop and locks to a whole other level.