Michael Van Straaten’s ‘Butterfly Art’ Will Set Your Heart A-Flutter

Michael Van Straaten wows all onlookers with a watercolor technique emanating a flow that seems too surreal to be real. With innovation and ingenuity on his side, this creative soul unfolds his vision in a manner that seems effortless. The result? Something he calls ‘Butterfly Art,’ a beautiful technique that you need to see to believe.

While the exacts of his methodology will remain a trade secret, this amazing image is the product of either colored inks or watercolor paints. The end-product is possible with both, some good watercolor paper that’s been well worked, and a great deal of imagination. There’s no CGI here, just colors spreading at different speeds.

‘Butterfly Art’ is just one example of this striking technique, which clearly takes much more work than it looks to produce. Michael Van Straaten is a master at it, making a picture that’s as beautiful in its progression of unfolding as it is as a final product. Wow – now that is art.

Michael Van Straaten\'s ‘Butterfly Art’ Will Set Your Heart A-Flutter