‘Us The Duo’ Complete A Studio-Quality ‘Band-In-A-Box Challenge’ With Kids Instruments

‘Us The Duo’ receives a mystery box full of random sound-making goods ranging from actual instruments like a toy xylophone to more mundane options like a plunger. Watch as Michael &Carissa Alvarado use the pen and paper, provided, to come up with a winning melody, harmony &song for their ‘Band in a Box Challenge.’

Inspired to write a song about heartache and young love, their creation is titled ‘Feel The Same.’ Who would have thought that with nothing more than a thumb piano, a simple shaker, your standard washboard, a toy ukulele, the signature sound of a kazoo, and a good dose of creativity, such a catchy song could have come about?

By the end of this ‘Band in a Box Challenge,’’ ‘Us The Duo’ will have you singing along to their lighthearted song. From random to wonderfully arranged in just a few, their original didn’t take long at all. See how they transform a handful of instruments for children into a song that fans desperately want a studio version of.

\'Us The Duo\' Complete A Studio-Quality \'Band-In-A-Box Challenge\' With Kids Instruments