US Navy Band Brings Down The House With EPIC Dueling ‘Jingle Bells’ Performance

The United States Navy Band has a long, illustrious history of entertaining at Christmas time. Each year we always look forward to their annual Christmas performances, and this one is indeed not to be missed.

This year they put together a unique arrangement of the classic Christmas song, “Jingle Bells” with a twist that’s sure to please fans. It’s a happy rendition, unlike anything you’ve seen or heard before. Only the United States Navy Band could come up with something as delightful as the performance you’re about to watch.

It is hard to imagine how such a simple tune could be used for such a “duel.” We’re all familiar with dueling banjos, but this version of the well-known song between a banjo and a guitar is red hot!

Senior Chief Petty Officer Keith Arneson strummed the banjo, with Petty Officer 1st Class Joe Friedman on the guitar.

At the beginning of the song, they mimed their dueling intention with their fists in fighting position and then started, all in good spirits! Then the first round included an impressive solo on the guitar and then the banjo before the Christmas tune starts. Then the tempo increases incredibly!

Soon the audience is exhilarated by the pace of the notes. This is a Christmas song that will remain in memory for a long time.

US Navy Band Brings Down The House With EPIC Dueling \'Jingle Bells\' Performance