Unrehearsed ‘Voice’ Duet With Jennifer Hudson of “And I Am Telling You” Steals the Show

Sometimes performers in The Voice series decide to take a considerable risk in performing a song which was sung or made famous by one of the judges, who mostly are singers of international note. Someone who felt that her voice could carry as strongly as that of the judge, Nicole Dennis, decided to present the song “And I Am Telling You.” Judge Jennifer Hudson, one of the judges of The Voice UK 2019, career started with a bang after performing this song in Dreamgirls!

Nichole’s risk paid off as she received great appreciation from both crowd and judges for her rendition. The Voice UK is known to inspire some of the judges into giving spontaneous and in pronto performances of their own songs from time to time. Listening to this excellent performance of a song she enjoys singing herself, prompted Jennifer to join the very surprised contestant on the stage.

Jennifer checked with Nicole if she would be okay with it if they performed the song as a duet. Nicole’s face beamed the reply. Jennifer politely allowed Nicole to take the lead, mostly just joining in with the chorus parts of the song. The cameras quickly switched over to backstage, where Nichol’s mother was waiting and exclaimed, “that is what she has always dreamed of.”

This just goes to show that winning The Voice is not the only way in which contestant’s dreams can become true. Not only was this performance unexpected and unrehearsed, but it is one that Nicole will cherish for the rest of her life. With her performance standing strong with that of the accomplished judge and performer, she can feel proud of herself.

This unrehearsed performance turns out to have created one of the greatest duets performed on this stage. Such unexpected but appreciated initiatives of their beloved judges are probably why the viewer count with this series, stay as high as it is, as you never know what’s going to happen next.

Unrehearsed \'Voice\' Duet With Jennifer Hudson of “And I Am Telling You” Steals the Show