United States Navy Band Goes Country For This ‘Winter Wonderland’

‘Winter Wonderland’ is a song that instantly fills one the feeling of festive spirit flowing, and good tidings shared. This global seasonal favorite is recreated by The United States Navy Band, featuring a stunning ensemble that’ll blow you away with rich vocals and flawless instrumentals all around.

What a band this is to be able to transform something so simple and iconic, into an equally memorable & refreshingly fresh counterpart! They’ve managed to retain the charm that makes this song so famous while instilling it with emotion and energy of camaraderie that together brings the words to life.

Overflowing in talent, and yet at the same time humble in each act is the only way to visualize the way that these serving military members present their masterful rendition of ‘Winter Wonderland.’ They’ve each done they’re The United States Navy Band proud, while at the same time inspiring warmth within countless people around the world. It’s a must-see.

United States Navy Band Goes Country For This \'Winter Wonderland\'