U.S. Navy Band performs moving arrangement of classic ‘America the Beautiful’

U.S. Navy Band ‘America the Beautiful’

For anyone searching for an uplifting version of ‘America the Beautiful,’ the US Navy Band has produced a thrilling tribute to the nation that will be appreciated by listeners of all ages.

In honor of Independence Day, the band delivered one of the best versions of the classic song in recent memory. With stellar performances from the band, the choir, and the lead singer, this is the version to hear.

It takes only a few bars to know that this rendition of ‘America the Beautiful’ is unlike the classic versions from previous years. The beat is different, modern, inviting the audience to move in time.

U.S. Navy Band ‘America the Beautiful’

With syncopated notes and unexpected pauses, this version strengthens the iconic lyrics, swelling at the right moments and becoming quiet when that is needed the most.

Best of all is the lead singer, Musician 1st Class Cody Parker. When listeners hear his pure voice, moving effortlessly from the lower to the upper registers, they will know they are in the presence of rare talent.

The brass section opens the performance with a bright and impressive introduction, immediately setting the tone that is followed by the woodwinds and the rhythm section. It is a celebration from the start.

In all, there is not a bad performance to be found in this rendition from the US Navy Band. The choir is absolutely terrific in their support role, and Parker turns in a jaw-dropping solo act.

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