U.S. Army Band delivers outstanding tribute with ‘Can You Hold Me’

U.S. Army Band’s ‘Can You Hold Me’ is the perfect military tribute

If you are looking for an exceptional performance by our nation’s military band, look no further ‘Pershing’s Own’ U.S. Army Band. Here they stir hearts and minds with their rendition of ‘Can You Hold Me.’

With some songs, you have to rely on auto-tune or dramatic production features to hide the fact that the singing itself may not be as strong as it could be.

But with this band’s rendition of ‘Can You Hold Me,’ you are getting a completely stripped-down performance that gives the time and space to really showcase the voices of its band members.

U.S. Army Band’s ‘Can You Hold Me’ is the perfect military tribute

The band for this incredible video begins with two lead singers, each one responsible for bringing to the forefront the sacrifice and heroism displayed by our nation’s military members.

From there, the orchestra gradually inserts itself into the production, with a small orchestra playing in the background and the drummer almost discreetly keeping time on his drum kit.

It is not a song with a lot of bells and whistles, which is better for a tribute. In this case, the voices alone were able to tell the story and create the right conditions for honoring our military men and women.

For anyone searching for a touching and heartfelt performance, this is the video that you will want to watch. It is the perfect way to say thank you to our servicemen and women.

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