Travel Back to 1973 With Dolly Parton’s Classic Country Hit “Jolene”

When it comes to the iconic country tune “Jolene,” there are a few different stories about how it came to be. Whichever one you choose to believe, fans still can’t get over how incredible the 1973 song by Dolly Parton is to this day.

The heartbreaking lyrics based on potential betrayal has been one of Dolly’s favorites to perform live for several years. While the song was released on an album under the same name in 1973, Parton has played it live since the 60s.

The first time the blonde superstar performed “Jolene,” she was nervous about how the audience would react. It’s safe to say that fans loved it, as Dolly was given roaring applause full of hollers and whistles at the end of the performance.

Since then, Parton’s god-child, Miley Cyrus, has since covered the song. Dolly also joined the iconic a cappella group Pentatonix for an extraordinary rendition of “Jolene,” and music lovers everywhere can’t get enough.