11-Year-Old Girl Trains Pack of Dogs To Wow Judges on ‘Got Talent: Champions’

This young girl from Germany and her pack of trained dogs will make your day. Watch them jump and spin and leap right into your heart.

It’s amazing to see how someone so young can accomplish so much. You can tell that the animals are so happy to work with Alexa too. As Simon mentioned, all their tails are wagging 100% of the time.

Alexa impressed everyone with her talented dogs. Said one Youtube commenter: “Outstanding performance! I loved every second of Alexa’s performance! Alexa was born to do this in her life! No question! The way she loves her dogs &the way they love her back is so beautiful! Has you can see Alexa, has many different mixed breeds of dogs doing all these amazing tricks she taught them! Goes to show that you can teach any dog tricks!”