Traditional Country Star Josh Turner Debuts Acoustic Video For “I Serve A Savior”

Amidst this time of turmoil and unrest, Josh Turner offers us beautiful comfort with his latest acoustic video for the title track on his 2018 album “I Serve A Savior.” As the singer and his band bring new life to this track, we can’t help but feel at peace.

“I Serve A Savior” is the country star’s seventh studio album and first full-length gospel debut, featuring church standards such as “Amazing Grace” and “Swing Low Sweet Chariot.” Some tracks even feature bluegrass and gospel legends like Bobby Osborne and The Turner Family.

Though most of the tracks are traditional church songs, there are a few originals mixed in with the classics. The beautiful melody featured in this video, for example, is a tune that Turner co-wrote alongside his wife and son.

While we all become accustomed to our new normal, where families and friends are separated and every step into the outside world is a risk, we truly need music like this to remind us that we’re not alone in our struggle, and we can’t get enough of Turner’s wholesome message.