Toilet Tissue Troubles? Carol Burnett, Tim Conway & Harvey Korman Deliver Laughs

Oh, what a time it was when “Toilet Tissue” aired on The Carol Burnett Show. I, Ruth Carson, fondly remember those golden days, snuggled up on our family couch, when comedic talents like Carol Burnett, Tim Conway, and Harvey Corman graced our television screens. With their wit and impeccable timing, they turned even the most mundane moments of our lives into knee-slapping hilarities.

Imagine coming home to an empty house, only to find out your entire family has fled due to the brand of toilet paper you bought. It might sound silly now, but back then, it was comedy gold in the world of The Carol Burnett Show. Playing the puzzled housewife, Carol Burnett was at her comedic best, discovering letters from each family member expressing their strong sentiments about her toilet tissue choice. Each note is more exaggerated than the last – from a son fleeing to the library for softer comforts, a daughter eloping with a biker gang for a similar reason, to her husband choosing a simple life in Arizona over enduring the “roughness” of their household TP.

What made this skit so unforgettable was not just its humor but also the remarkable chemistry among the cast. The rapport between Carol Burnett and her co-stars, Tim Conway and Harvey Corman, was truly one for the ages. They were more than just actors; they were comedic geniuses. They could take the most ordinary situations, like buying toilet paper, and turn it into a heartwarming, hilarious tale that resonated with audiences.

But beyond its comedic value, this particular skit also became prophetic. During the “Great Toilet Paper Panic of 2020,” as the world grappled with the sudden onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic and the seemingly inexplicable rush on toilet paper, this sketch took on a whole new significance. What was once a simple comedic sketch became a timely commentary on the human condition. Amid the chaos and uncertainty, this skit served as a light-hearted reminder of simpler times.

The cherry on top? The final note from the housewife’s neighbor, who, despite having stolen all her valuables, decided to leave behind her toilet tissue. The humor was rounded off beautifully by a cheeky appearance from the Jolly Green Giant, reminding audiences that even in the hardest times, it’s essential to find moments to laugh.

For those who, like me, grew up watching The Carol Burnett Show, this skit not only evokes memories of a simpler era but serves as a testament to the show’s timeless appeal. Today’s youth might have missed out on these classic moments, but thanks to platforms like YouTube, gems like this one can still be discovered and cherished. It’s a legacy that will undoubtedly endure for generations to come.

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Toilet Tissue Troubles? Carol Burnett, Tim Conway & Harvey Korman Deliver Laughs