Tiny Girl Takes Center Stage and In Seconds, Her Huge Voice Stuns When She Sings It Better Than The Original

Every parent cherishes the day when their toddler manages to sing their first song. Their child has not only conquered a new skill but it’s one that can bring pleasure all their life.

Amazingly, some young children can perform as if they have had years of training. It must be a natural talent for singing tunes that they enjoy.

In this video, little Belle from Brazil not only sings ‘Love Me Like You Do’ like a pro but her relaxed stage presence enraptures the audience.

‘Love Me Like You Do’ is not that easy a song to perform for polished artists, but Sienna hits the high notes and reaches deep to sing the low notes as well. Her range is amazing. Few adults are capable of doing what Sienna does so easily.

Of course, quite a lot of practice went into this event and the little backup dancers are lovely in their adorable way, keeping sync with Sienna and the beat, but ultimately it’s the Sienna that steals the show with her breathtaking talent.

But it is her ease of presentation with her dancing steps, expressive arm movements and facial expressions that project her poise and charm.

If this angel’s performance took you by surprise as it did me, then share her video because talent like this is incredible.