Timid candidate surprises the judges of BGT with her angelic voice

Emma Jones BGT

The judges of Britain’s Got Talent were all in agreement after the audition of an amazing singer. The singer’s name was Emma Jones, and she could not believe the reactions she was getting from the audience and judges.

Simon Cowell himself said that he didn’t just like Emma; he loved her. All the other judges told her that her voice was phenomenal. They wanted to hear more of her, and they all voted for her to move on in the competition.

Before Emma started singing, she showed a lot of signs that she was shy. Her back was hunched, her voice was soft, and she had trouble looking up from the floor.

 Emma Jones BGT

The audience and judges were worried that her nervous energy would get the better of her as soon as she started performing. But once Emma began to sing, they were shown they had nothing to worry about.

Even if Emma’s hands were shaking, her voice remained strong and true. She sang ‘Ave Maria,’ and it sounded like heaven on earth. Emma had the support of the audience as they cheered loudly for her.

The judges couldn’t contain their excitement in their seats as they watched her perform. Emma herself started to smile as she sang, and her voice grew even more stunning.

The 23-year-old woman was still having trouble accepting that the standing ovation was for her. Emma could not contain her joy, and she was smiling from ear to ear.

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