Tim Conway’s Hilarious Clock Mishap with Harvey

The ’70s was a time of joy and laughter. I remember my parents, Sammy, the poodle, and I cozied up in our little living room. The wallpaper adorned with bright flowers that my mother had picked out, and the aroma of my dad’s evening coffee filled the air. Every evening, like clockwork, we’d tune into “The Carol Burnett Show” and share bouts of laughter. One of my most cherished memories was watching Tim Conway, the man who could make you laugh with just a blink.

Ah, Tim Conway! Such a comedy marvel, especially when paired with Harvey Korman. Just the mere thought of their skit in “The Oldest Man: Clock Repair” makes me chuckle. A simple plot of a businessman hurriedly wanting his grandfather clock fixed and Tim, playing the Old Man clock repairman, making everything comically slower than a tortoise’s walk. It was the epitome of Conway’s style – understated, brilliantly executed comedy.

Do you remember the segment where Tim quips about different clocks, suggesting one shaped like an owl, another without any hands, and another that goes “tock tick” instead of the usual “tick-tock”? That was pure Conway magic! With his impeccable timing, the ability to sneak in the word ‘Koala’ into a sketch, and the art of slapstick in slow motion, Tim was indeed a master. And who could forget how he made Harvey break character every single time? Those instances weren’t just comedic breaks but lessons for anyone aspiring to make it big in Hollywood or Broadway.

Speaking of Broadway, wouldn’t it have been a treat to see Tim and Harvey on those grand stages? Their chemistry was gold. With her discerning eye for comedy, Carol Burnett recognized this dynamism and made the right choice in pairing these two together. No wonder they remain etched in our minds and hearts.

One cannot reflect on this era without getting a bit emotional, especially since Tim’s passing. He brought years of joy and laughter, not just to my family but to families across the globe. To say he’s missed is an understatement. Yet, through these skits and memories, Mr. Conway lives on. The world has seen many comedians, but none quite like Tim. In a way, every skit was a part of our personal memory bank.

Isn’t it funny? Watching that show as a kid, sprawled on the floor, observing my grandparents laughing, I never realized the impact it would have on my life. It wasn’t just a show but a medium bridging generations with laughter. From the kids to the elderly, everyone found something to laugh about. Today, as I care for my parents and share these vintage clips, the magic of Tim and Harvey remains unchanged.

Tim Conway, you will always be the jewel in the crown of comedy. Your genius, spontaneous antics, and signature slow-motion style are unparalleled. For everyone out there who’s ever laughed at Tim’s antics, take a moment, share this piece, spread the joy, and let’s keep the legacy of laughter alive.

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Tim Conway\'s Hilarious Clock Mishap with Harvey