Tim Conway & Harvey Korman’s Hilarious Dentist Sketch on Carol Burnett

Sliding down my nostalgic memory lane, the year was 1973. I recall my nights in our cozy, over-heated family room, snuggled up with Sammy, our frisky poodle. He was a bundle of joy, and he’d get overly excited every time he heard the iconic theme music of The Carol Burnett Show from our grainy but trusty old TV set.

One sketch imprinted onto my heart was “The Dentist,” featuring the comedic geniuses Tim Conway and Harvey Korman. Let me share this unforgettable humor-filled journey that will take you back to a time when comedy was pure, and laughter came easily.

In this unforgettable skit, Conway portrays a newly graduated dentist who unintentionally numbs his hand with novocaine on his first day. You can just imagine the hilarity that ensues! An inept dentist, a nervous patient, and a numb hand are all necessary for a delightful disaster. Conway’s brilliant physical comedy shines as he wrestles with the tools of his trade, and his timing leaves us all in stitches.

Sharing this side-splitting moment with Harvey Korman was magical. He was more than just a great partner; he was the perfect foil for Conway’s antics. Harvey was so engrossed in Conway’s hilarious acting that he once confessed to having ‘laughed so hard, he peed himself.’ Even professionals like him couldn’t resist Conway’s magnetic humor.

I remember watching this sketch for the first time, tears streaming down my face from uncontrollable laughter. Witnessing Conway’s unique brand of humor was akin to being part of a historic moment in comedy, something you knew you’d remember for a lifetime.

In this 8-minute comedy tour de force, there’s a moment that perfectly encapsulates the chemistry between Conway and Korman. It’s when a fly starts buzzing around the room, and you see Korman’s character recognize what’s about to happen. When Conway takes a swing at the fly with his numbed hand, Korman gives just a little nod as if to say, “I knew that was coming!”

Comedy sketches like “The Dentist” are a reminder of simpler times when humor didn’t need to be vulgar or offensive to generate a laugh. It was an era when good, clean, and wholesome comedy was the norm. The brilliance of Conway and Korman managed to evoke laughter without resorting to crude language, sexual innuendo, or violence.

It saddens me to think that these comedy legends are no longer with us. Their departure was a loss to the world of comedy, but their legacy continues to bring joy to countless fans, young and old. As a tribute to these remarkable talents, let’s continue sharing their timeless humor, ensuring their laughter echoes through the generations.

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Tim Conway & Harvey Korman\'s Hilarious Dentist Sketch on Carol Burnett