This Hauntingly Beautiful Violinist And Her Music Will Give You Chills Every Single Time

Songwriter and violinist Taylor Davis once again shows us how this artful can be taken and elevated to a sound and show that no person should miss. Her original track ‘Wilderness’ is just as beautiful in its visual backing, as it is in flawless expression and melody.

As the first song from her album ‘Odyssey,’ the track is a fantastic showcase of her talent. It is an uplifting masterpiece that fills one with feeling from the moment the first note is played. Whispering one away to a place of serenity and personal power – this song boasts both supreme technical ability and fantastic power in its delivery. It’s a show that you have to see.

Taylor Davis’ original song ‘Wilderness’ is a motivating violin performance that carries such grace and harmony, that it’ll grab your attention and ease it towards something positive no matter where you are. If you know her for video game covers only, then this is a showing of her creative genius that should not be overlooked.