Three Ladies, 24 Drums, All Played in Perfect Sync

In a Greenbeats percussion show, three ladies stand in front of eight drums, but these drums are not in a line. Instead, they are arranged in a standing octagonal shape. There is a drum attached to each angle of the octagon, and the ones on top are upside down. The ladies that play them are from a group called the OKTOPUSSI.

The show starts with one of the band members tapping their sticks to “get” the beat, and then the three girls come into the center, and tap their sticks together, to join in with the rhythm of the song. They then move to their designated octagons and start beating their drums. These ladies play drums on all sides. At the top, bottom, and sides, while keeping in perfect harmony with each other.

You can pause the video that shows them playing the drums at any moment, and you’ll see them all harmoniously in sync, in the same position, at the same time. This performance is an exceptional example of group effort and discipline. Their synced performance is guaranteed to leave you in awe.