This “How Great Thou Art” Is So Magnificent, The Audience Stands In Celebration

The traditional Christian hymn “How Great Thou Art” is a favorite no matter how it is presented. This dramatic version by StikYard, and a group of World Outreach Church Drummers is a sensory delight.

The percussion group is famous for delightfully spirited renditions of original musical scores paired with unique choreography. Every performance is a treat to behold.

This particular video demonstrates their performance skills and showcases their love of God as they worship. Spectacular percussion sounds, from the tiny bells to the huge drums, all fuse together in this exceptional display of talent in this full stage, live production.

The producer adds, “This was a collaboration between a group called Stikyard and a group of World Outreach Church drummers and vocalists. We are honored to have the chance to give God the glory for it all, and feel sure they heard us worshipping in heaven!”

Check out the video below to watch and hear every note, then share this unique version of How Great Though Art with your friends. It’s too beautiful to keep to yourself. Something this special must be shared far and wide.