This Dog Sings Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” and Blows the Judges Away!

It is undeniable that there are animals with incredible skills. You won’t believe this dog’s amazing performance in “Belgium’s Got Talent.” He wows everyone with his singing talent! Yes, you heard that right, singing! The following clip will put a smile on your face, it is truly unbelievable!

Personally, I know that dogs are incredibly smart creatures, I love my two dogs immensely and have managed to train them. So, even though I was a bit doubtful I knew full well that a dog may be to sing. Boy, I was I not disappointed!

In the beginning, I couldn’t believe that this video could be true. Here we meet a cute pup who’s ready to hit the big time. His owner brings him up on the stage of “Belgium’s Got Talent” and they begin to play “I Will Always Love You” by the late Whitney Houston. Our canine friend begins to sing along or at least he tries his very best. What do you think? Does this dog have what it takes to be a superstar?

Please share this amazing video with all of your friends and family! It will surely make you want to break off into song! That’s how charming our canine artist is.

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