This Couple Showed up At a Dance Competition. When You See Their Moves, You’ll Be Blown Away

If music is a universal language, and dancing is the way we interpret that language. Even though plenty of people say that “they can’t dance,” most of them eventually succumb when it comes to their favorite style of music. It’s just a matter of being shy.

Almost everyone who dances thinks anyone can do it; like it doesn’t require any particular talent at all. It’s just about letting yourself go free. Like the couple in the video we have today, they can really pull off some amazing looks, even if they don’t look like the professional dancers they are.

Their names are John Lindo and Stephanie Batista, and they are a couple of dance instructors who really have dedicated their lives to dancing. The video shows a routine performed in Phoenix, AZ, in a competition that took place in 2008. They have a great interaction with each other, and their moves just display a great amount of talent and fun, that only passionate dancers can actually achieve.

After you see the performance, you’ll understand why people like these go compete. Don’t miss their amazing show in the video we put below.