This brother & sister’s dance performance is one of the best on Ellen’s show

This brother & sister’s dance on Ellen’s show

Many viral sibling videos can be seen on social media nowadays. Siblings who performed various stunts, singing together, or even doing some comedy acts.

This sibling from Utah, however, loves performing dance moves on the stage. Derek and Julianne Hough were born into a family of dancers. Both their parents and grandparents met on the dance floor.

Therefore, dancing has always been part of their lifestyle, and performing has always been their dream. Apparently, with their superb skills in dancing, they’ve both become famous dancers all throughout the country.

This brother & sister’s dance on Ellen’s show

Derek has become a six-season winner of a reality dance TV show, ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ He has partnered with different famous celebrities such as Jennifer Grey and Bindi Irwin.

Julianne, on the other hand, has become a notable judge of America’s Got Talent. She has also founded Kinrgy, a fitness brand dedicated to transforming lives through energy in motion.

The sibling also highlighted on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ that what they want them to feel is the energy that will get them standing, moving, and dancing. That’s their motivation to keep on doing what they’re doing… Dancing.

This brother and sister tandem teaches us that we can always do what makes us happy and that we can also become a source of happiness to other people.

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