These Pretty Cowgirls Raise The Bar With This Fun Line Dance To Alan Jackson’s ‘Chattahoochee’

If you are a country music fan, you have heard Alan Jackson’s ‘Chattahoochee.’ You have probably even done a line dance to it once or twice! These five cowgirls got together and choreographed dance of their own. They coordinated their outfits too: pink tank tops, boots, cowboy hats, and some large belt buckles! Just what is the Chattahoochee, though?

Jackson, who is from Georgia, wrote the song with Jim McBride and released it in 1993. From the lyrics of the song, you might have guessed that the Chattahoochee is a river. What you might not know is that the Chattahoochee is 430 miles long! It borders Alabama and flows through Georgia and Florida before emptying into the Gulf of Mexico.

In this video, the young women start out around a tree with a body of water in the background. They all dance together, but each girl shows off her dance moves individually. I would guess that these women are probably friends and had a grand time making this video, as it looked fun to watch!

According to Jackson, the song itself is simple and is about coming of age in a small town. That makes the song relatable for many country music fans, which is why this song is still inspiring groups of friends to get together and make a video.