These Boys Begin Their Gospel Song, But Little Does The Unwitting Audience Know: They’re Going To Be Rolling In The Aisles

A group of four smartly dressed young boys took to the stage when it was their moment to entertain their crowd. Little did the unwitting audience know, but they were about to be immensely entertained by what was to come next.

The little fellows smiled widely at the gathering and confidently took their places at the microphone. As soon as the music started, the quartet began enthusiastically singing their gospel song, but what the audience heard was something else!

And the hilarity had just begun. The youngster on the end soon had the crowd in stitches. When it came to his solo piece, he was slick, he was smooth, he was very polished and clearly knew all the words. But something was dramatically awry.

The roaring audience didn’t deter the boys one bit, they swaggered through their entire delivery with practiced aplomb. Clearly much time and devotion had gone into the preparation of this performance.

The amusing performance went down well with everyone, bringing a smile to every face and a tear to some eyes. The lads succeeded admirably and had to be congratulated for raising the roof.

But the show-stealer was the youngster in the vest, he is a born comedian, and judging by the size of his grin and the twinkle in his eye, he loved every minute of it. Let’s hope he continues to entertain those around him as he matures, he could have a great future in comedy.

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