These 5 World-Renowned Musicians Aren’t Letting Quarantine Stop Them From Making Music

As we all struggle to stay connected in a socially-distanced world, 5 famed musicians came together to deliver some much-needed quarantine joy. Filmed as part of the Global Citizen’s “One World: Together At Home” broadcast, their message couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time.

In this epically star-studded performance, world-renowned musicians Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli, John Legend, and Lang Lang all came together to remaster the 1999 classic “The Prayer.” The resulting video is giving us goosebumps, and it’s not just because we finally get an insider’s look into their designer homes.

As the singers take turns serenading us in both English and Italian, Lang utterly astounds on the piano, providing a sonic backbone that perfectly cushions their voices. After a performance like this, it’s no wonder these five are considered some of the top musicians in recent history.

Broadcasted live from their homes, this video served as the closer to a night of music dedicated to coronavirus relief. In a time where families and friends are “together apart,” this video is a beautiful reminder that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.