These 10 Carol Burnett sketches are so funny even the cast can’t stop laughing

‘The Carol Burnett Show’ was filled with laughs, but the laughs weren’t just for the audience, and the cast often cracked up during the skit. The best moments of cast members breaking character and going off-script are loved by fans.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

In season 2, episode 20, Tim Conway plays a horrible dentist, and Harvey starts crying and laughing uncontrollably during the hilarious scene. Tim begins by grabbing the needle and sticking himself in the hand accidentally.

He reads the label, ‘There’ll be a bit of pain, and then numbness will set in.’ Tim fumbles with Harvey’s mouth and the dental tools. He attempts to give Harvey another shot but accidentally gives it to himself in his leg. After Tim says, ‘I’ll be right with you,’ he falls to the floor, and Harvey can’t stop laughing.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

In a sketch called ‘Clock Repair’ from season 8, episode 24, Tim Conway plays his recurring character, ‘The World’s Oldest Man.’ Harvey brings him a grandfather clock to examine. Tim gets his doctor’s stethoscope and puts it on the clock, saying, ‘Turn your head and cough.’ Harvey immediately turns away from the audience to start laughing.

In season 10, episode 1, Tim and Harvey are involved in another break-up moment at a vending machine. This time it is Harvey who gets Tim laughing by catching him off-guard with a line. The two men continue to try to break each other with improvised lines.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

In season 7, episode 18, Harvey is at the dry cleaners, and Tim is looking for his coat. Tim gets hooked to the machine that moves the clothes around. Harvey laughs so hard that his fake wig and mustache come off!

Most other scenes feature Tim Conway as the main culprit for making everyone laugh uncontrollably. All of these moments are so much fun for the cast and audience! ‘The Carol Burnett Show’ was even more fun when the characters went off-script.

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These 10 Carol Burnett sketches are so funny even the cast can\'t stop laughing