‘The Voice’ coaches appear funny in ’80s-inspired clip

In honor of the show’s 10th anniversary, The Voice coaches performed in an 80s-themed video, singing “Together Forever” by Ricky Astley.

In a two-hour special looking back on 20 seasons, The Voice coaches commemorated the show’s tenth anniversary. Fans saw a funny video that had all four coaches singing in unison.

In this 80s inspired video, they sang Rick Astley’s “Together Forever.” Blake Shelton begins by going at pictures of his fellow coaches. The four stars wore outfits from the 1980s.

Kelly Clarkson sports a shoulder pad and curly hair, while John Legend rocked a fringed leather jacket and curly hair. Shelton dances in a loose-fitting robe, while Nick Jonas wears all-denim.

The video concludes with an appearance by Astley, who winks at the camera from behind shades in Shelton’s pictures. The video seems to have occurred in Shelton’s own imagination.

The show did an ’80s night before, so why not do it again? They could show a live performance of the song with the same throwback vibe.

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‘The Voice’ coaches appear funny in ’80s-inspired clip