The Sing Off Winner Performs Remarkable A Capella Cover of ‘Angels Among Us’

Singing is an impressive talent, let alone singing a Capella. When Chris Rupp, who debuts on The Sing Off, joins forces with fellow a Capella singer Tim Foust, their melodies are strong enough to move an entire nation.

Chris Rupp started his singing career as part of the a Capella group Home Free. This group ended up winning The Sing Off, and in Rupp’s desire for independence, he took a leap of faith and left the crew. Now, Rupp has a successful solo singing career.

To make even more of an impact on his community, Rupp decided to join forces with singer Tim Foust and perform ‘Angels Among Us.’ This song tells us that there are guiding lights in life, and if you follow them, you’ll find much success.

It’s amazing to listen to two men performing a Capella with their hearts and souls laid out on the table. This, in combination with the lyrical meaning of ‘Angels Among Us,’ teaches us how success is possible if you follow your life path.