The Show before ‘Succession’ with Carol Burnett – Witness the Unseen Clip

‘Succession,’ the hilarious sketch from The Carol Burnett Show, is a comedic gem that captures the heart of millions of Carol & Harvey fans. The super funny video clip from season 9, episode 17, has Harvey Korman and Carol Burnett display their unparalleled chemistry in a skit that left audiences in stitches.

The scene opens with Carol sitting at the breakfast table, enjoying her morning tea. Soon, she is joined by Harvey, who is craving a cup of coffee to kick-start his day. What follows is a delightful exchange that perfectly encapsulates the chaotic lives of a wealthy power couple.

As Carol reveals that she was up until 3 AM due to a late-night meeting about their upcoming fashion show, Harvey confesses his sleep troubles. The on-screen duo realizes their busy schedules have deprived them of quality time together.

Harvey suggests a lunch date at noon, but Carol’s important meeting only allows her to spare time at 1 PM. Not to be outdone, Harvey counters with a 3:30 PM slot, explaining that he needs to discuss stock options with someone. However, Carol’s plan to buy ponchos clashes with Harvey’s proposal.

The couple’s conversation is humorous when Carol mentions they must pick up their son, Bob, from the airport at 4:40 PM. Harvey, momentarily confused, exclaims, “Oh no, I’m not ready to discuss that merger yet!”

Carol gently reminds him of Bob’s identity (their son), leading to a hilarious realization. Unable to pick up Bob due to a psychiatrist appointment, Carol shifts the discussion to their dinner plans, further complicated by conflicting business engagements.

Despite their best intentions, it seems impossible for Harvey and Carol to find a moment of respite in their busy schedules. They attempt to set aside Wednesday for each other, only to be swept away by more pressing commitments.

Eventually, Harvey concludes that Wednesday isn’t ideal for quality time and decides to go to work. To everyone’s surprise, Carol suddenly announces she needs to go to the hospital, revealing her pregnancy. Harvey, caught off guard, asks if she needs him, and as Carol exits the room, he amusingly mutters, “When did that happen?”

The skit culminates in uproarious laughter from the audience, showcasing the impeccable comedic timing and chemistry between Harvey Korman and Carol Burnett. This delightful sketch is a testament to the brilliance of “The Carol Burnett Show” and the timeless talent of its cast.

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The Show before \'Succession\' with Carol Burnett - Witness the Unseen Clip