The Petersen family sings “All Glory Be to Christ” in powerful live performance

The Petersens are a brothers and sisters bluegrass band hailing from Branson, Missouri. In this performance, they strip the song down to the vocals for a hauntingly beautiful arrangement of ‘All Glory Be to Christ’ sung to the tune of ‘Auld Lang Syne.’ Mama Petersen makes an appearance on this one, adding to her children’s gorgeous harmonies.

The band wishes to encourage fans and viewers who’ve been through difficult times. Post-pandemic, the band realizes that many are hoping for better things to come, making resolutions and goals. The family reminds viewers, “unless the Lord does raise the house, in vain its builders strive.”

Scottish Poet, Robert Burns, wrote the familiar holiday tune, and in 2011, Dustin Krensrue wrote new lyrics to remind believers that Christ is the one who deserves the honor and glory.

The Petersens have some very loyal fans and have made believers out of the skeptical with their music. One commenter says,

“WOW. I’m a non-believer, yet tears began running down my cheeks as I listened. Thank you, all of you.”

Another describes the voices as “crystalline.”

The Petersens are a breath of fresh air and a beautiful example of those who don’t need to keep the credit for their gifts. As the song says, all glory be to Christ.

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