The Marcus King Trio crushes this performance of ‘The Well’

Marcus King Trio amazes with new video for ‘The Well’

If you want to know the next big name in country and rock music, that name is Marcus King. He is quickly building his star appeal with performances like this one for ‘The Well.’

He and his band – the Marcus King Trio – set up for a quick session at Carter Vintage Guitars, playing incredible instruments worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The musicians were up to the task, making those beautiful guitars singing with slick solos, brilliant musicianship, and a song worthy of the instruments. Start to finish, it was a brilliant performance.

Marcus King was the undeniable lead on this performance, shredding solos with ease and delivering a sound experience that will not be forgotten soon. He obviously has a bright future ahead of him in the industry.

Marcus King Trio amazes with new video for ‘The Well’

It wasn’t a bad advertisement for Carter Vintage Guitars, either. The Nashville store allowed Marcus and his team to use some of their highest-priced guitars, and they were well used by the end.

Marcus King was playing a 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard, while the bassist was given a 1954 Fender Precision Bass to handle. These two instruments alone were worth over three-hundred thousand dollars.

So, when people ask who the next star of rock music is going to be, the easiest answer is to simply point them in the direction of this video. They’ll learn the rest on their own.

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