The Internet Adores Granny’s Impressive Dance Moves to Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) is one of the most well-known songs of the 1980s. This hit is sung during karaoke, at weddings, and makes the perfect song to show off your sweet dance moves. A granny does just this at an outdoor event.

You don’t have to be young to be able to bust a move. An older woman was standing during an event at a stadium when the classic hit Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) started to play over the speakers.

Within seconds she started twirly around and shimming from side to side. Dressed in pink from head to toe, you can tell that this woman loves to be herself. Another woman sits on a bench beside her and cheers her on as she continues to dance.

She is living proof that you can be yourself and have a good time while doing it. By the end of the video, all of the young kids around her are watching her impressive moves. Age is nothing but a number, and we can’t wait to see what she dances to next.