The International Lindy Hop Championship looked and sounded like a step back in time

The energy at the International Lindy Hop Championship in Washington D.C. was vibrant and dazzling. Thirteen pairs of swing dancers came together to compete, dance, and have a jolly good time.

The dancers moved to jazzy music by Johnathon Stout and his Campus Five. Each pair ran through a routine in 2 rounds: one longer 40-second run and another 15-second finisher.

All of the routines included movements that were part of classic Lindy Hop routines: fast footwork, dramatic movements, and moments of improvisation. These high-level competitors sealed it all off with excited faces and intoxicating energy.

The crowd erupted at all of the best moves. At one point, dancer Max Pitruzella swung Annie Trudeau in a spin across his back and the crowd couldn’t help but scream in unison. Seconds later, she picked her up and tossed her across the dance floor effortlessly.

The couples kept the authenticity of the swing dancing by dressing the part. The women wore classy dresses, classic makeup, and timeless hairstyles with dainty sneakers. The men wore various suits and ties with vests or suspenders. It made the whole event feel that more authentic.

All of the dazzling pairs enjoyed the entire performance. Waiting dancers in the background smiled, laughed, and encouraged the dancers during each performance, all while clapping to the beat of the song. As the last couple finished off their routine, all thirteen pairs stepped onto the floor and finished the event in a succession of quick, jazzy improvised spins in unison.

The International Lindy Hop Championship looked and sounded like a step back in time