The D-Day Darlings dazzle with their performance of ‘Bless ‘Em All’

The D-Day Darlings

The D-Day Darlings release another song that will take people back all the way to the 1940s. Their song ‘Bless ‘Em All’ is a lively tune that you can’t help but dance to.

It was on Britain’s Got Talent that The D-Day Darlings first made their appearance. They all have loved ones who are serving or who have served in the Forces.

They are also known as a ‘wartime choir.’ For their performance of ‘Bless ‘Em All,’ they transformed an old town to give it a classic appearance. And their outfits reflected that time as well.

A group of young women joined their performance. Each member of The D-Day Darlings wore a shirt, suspenders, and a pretty headscarf. Their beautiful voices filled the town as they brightened everyone’s days.

The D-Day Darlings

Even a drunken man with a beer in his hand sang with them for a moment before walking away. There was not a single person in town who didn’t enjoy their song.

Near the end of the performance, they had the small flags of Britain in their hands. They waved it in the air, and so did the crowd that was watching them.

They love to sing and dance, but first and foremost, they want to show people they love their country the most. Their songs are dedicated to the brave men and women who serve.

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