The Best of The Voice Kids

Here’s a compilation of the most talented child singers ever to have appeared on the voice. You’ve got just over half an hour’s worth of the best child stars The Voice Kids has discovered. All your favorite performers are there, with this compilation cataloguing artist from all around the world.

This epic collection features performers such as Ayoub, Demi, Iris, Kaitlyn, Katrina, Roeland, and Laura, to name but a few. You can look forward to some of the most amazing cover songs ever heard on any talent discovery show. From Richard’s electric rendition of the Zedd &Alessia Cara hit ‘Stay’ to Pia’s beautiful remimagining of ‘Wrecking Ball’ – it’s a fantastic selection.

Best of The Voice Kids spans a total range of music tastes, while at the same time highlighting top talent from all around the world. Some you will know. Others will spark new interest in shows you never have heard of. Entertainment is guaranteed, as well as a look at what makes platforms like this vital to empowering undiscovered stars.