The Bands of HM Royal Marines’ version of ‘The Final Countdown’ is amazing

I am sure you are like every other music fan in the world who has heard Europe’s hit song, ‘The Final Countdown,’ and then said to yourself, ‘That’s great, but I bet a military band would really crush this song.’

If that moment describes your reaction perfectly, then this video is exactly what you need to see today. You will enjoy the sights and sounds of a British military band performing the exhilarating rock classic.

The Bands of HM Royal Marines put on quite the live show when they stepped onto the stage and dazzled their audience with a jaw-dropping, sensational version of the Europe song.

With a lead guitarist shredding solos and a drummer who was beating the very life out of his drum kit, there was not an ounce of energy wasted in this incredible rendition.

From start to finish, the full band capture the vitality and enthusiasm of the original, yet the arrangement was perfectly suited for the musical stylings of brass and woodwind sections.

This was a delight for everyone who was in attendance that night, and there is no question that the musicians themselves took great pleasure in putting on the show for their crowd.

For fans of Europe, anyone who wants to hear an exceptional band play something a bit off-menu, or really any fan of exciting and playful performances, this is the perfect video.

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The Bands of HM Royal Marines’ version of ‘The Final Countdown’ is amazing