That Curly Haired Girl? I Couldn’t Take My Eyes Off Her! Now That’s How You Do a Flash Mob!

British flash mob company Club Mob set up dance celebration event inside a UK shopping center to highlight the features of a local business college.

Club Mob is a bespoke flash mob service that creates dance routines for weddings, corporate events, and brand awareness. They created this particular flash mob for the Mont Rose College of Management and Sciences. It is a business school that has three campuses in Ilford, Essex in the United Kingdom.

Flash mobs are a great way to highlight important causes or businesses. This particular company has made flash mob dance routines for dozens of clients, each better than the last. They recently partnered with BET to create a Soul Train flash mob to promote the show on the channel.

No doubt the flash mob for Mont Rose College allowed the faculty and students to improve community relations and increase their enrollment. Maybe they should consider adding in a flash mob marketing course and invite Club Mob in as adjunct faculty members.

That Curly Haired Girl? I Couldn\'t Take My Eyes Off Her! Now That\'s How You Do a Flash Mob!