Teens with disabilities bring joy to BGT judges

Even Simon can’t help flashing a toothy grin when this group comes onto the BGT stage. These faces beaming with joy are a group of teens with disabilities who love to dance. Their happiness is infectious, and their confidence is fun and refreshing.

As they enter, the performers give big arm waves to say hello to the judges and the audience. One sweet girl is obviously a little star-struck by Simon and doesn’t hide it well. She covers her mouth with both hands and laughs excitedly, then points to Simon as if to say, “It’s really you!” Simon melts, smiles and points back at the girl as she tries to reset for the audition.

The group dances to familiar music, “You Can’t Stop the Beat,” from Hairspray, all in sync and with the most enthusiasm. One girl even surprises the judges and audience with a one-handed cartwheel.

These teens are not lacking in personality either. In a video clip each group member shares what they were “born to do.” One girl says, “I was born to be sassy,” as she poses for the video.

Simon says it’s one of his favorite auditions and Judge David agrees, so much so that he pressed the Golden Buzzer for the group.

If you’ve been privileged to know and love someone with a disability truly, it’s easy to understand the magnitude of this moment for these young performers.

How amazing that this platform exists so that these special kids can have a space to develop and show off their talent.

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Teens with disabilities bring joy to BGT judges