Teens Light Up Dance Floor to Classic Queen Hit

Ah, Queen. Easily one of the greatest bands of all time that could make anyone belt out their fantastic lyrics. While they were most popular in the 1970s and 80s, Freddie Mercury’s vocals still ring out across generations.

Even kids and teenagers still love blaring the iconic British band; it’s just that now everything is streamed online. Another thing that the youth love to do online is to upload videos of themselves dancing to classic hits.

At the US Open Swing Dance Championships, Ryan Boz and Karla Catan took second place with their impressive performance. Using the legendary tune “We Will Rock You” by Queen as their backtrack, the two dancers began to shimmy and shake.

The dynamic duo used a unique mix of swing dancing, ballet, and even hip hop during their routine. Before the song ended, you get to hear a remix that features Freddie’s iconic vocals over rap music, and it sounds just as great as the performance looks.