Teen’s Haunting Duet Mom Is Bringing Everyone To Tears

Mother Melanie and her son take to the grandest stage of them all, attempting an audition on BGT after singing together for just a few weeks. Young musical talent Jamie had almost stepped away from the competition, but with the support of his mum by his side, he decided to press on.

The fifteen-year-old singer and his forty-four-year-old mother hail from Wales, bringing with them a bond that shows the world one of the most open, honest pairings seen. Merely taking on the audition, already brings this mother pride thanks to the moment shared with her emerging artist.

The two deliver a heavenly harmony, coming together in a beautiful balance despite the fact that Mel is a professional singer. Her voice doesn’t once overpower her son’s young sound, instead blending in such a way that the unison highlights the best of them both.

This is a cover of A Great Big World’s iconic track ‘Say Something’ that shows layers and layers of emotion, and a touching trueness that pays wonderful homage to its meaning. With her gaze fixed on her son, these two sang their way into the hearts of all onlookers. With mom right there, young Jamie couldn’t falter.

Amanda Holden called the performance “absolutely beautiful,” while all four judges were happy to give a resounding ‘Yes’ to this perfect duo. There’s no denying where the fuel for all this feeling comes from, as mother and son openly show their love through the performance, closing, and finally, the celebration with a huge hug.

Professional singer and loving mother Melanie collaborates with her son Jamie on this duet and open sea of expression, recreating A Great Big World’s song ‘Say Something’ with dimensions of harmony that have to be heard. It’s one of the best mother-son acts seen on BGT, and a performance that’ll warm the heart on even the coldest of days.

Teen\'s Haunting Duet Mom Is Bringing Everyone To Tears