Teenager Shocks Audience During Keith Urban Concert

Sometimes during a concert, the musician will bring a lucky fan onstage to perform alongside them. Whether the fan is nervous or starstruck, some fans vocals will have you wishing they would just go back to their seats.

This wasn’t the case when country music legend Keith Urban was playing a show in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Elly Cooke was already ecstatic to be seeing one of her favorite artists live, little did she know she’d be joining him onstage.

Cooke has always wanted to be a famous singer/songwriter, and she couldn’t have been a better choice for this surprise. Keith invited both Elly and her mother Becky up to the stage and introduced himself.

With 8,000 people in The Giant Center, they began singing Keith’s upbeat song, “Somebody Like You.” Urban looks pleased and shocked when Elly starts belting out the words with ease. We hope this was a big moment for her dreams of making it big.