Teen earns 12.6M views by singing Nina Simone’s ‘Feeling Good’ on BGT

Teen singing 'Feeling Good' on BGT

Britain’s Got Talent is one of the longest-running talent show competitions in the world. They have become an institution of discovering great talents and performers around the world.

Every season, the show never fails to amaze us with different talented individuals and groups. Everyone is so expectant and excited the moment the show started its audition episodes.

However, not everyone can quickly get a yes from the meticulous judges of the show. Your talent has to be unique, flawless, and superb. Not to mention that you should have a great personality and excellent showmanship.

Teen singing 'Feeling Good' on BGT

That was what this 15-year-old kid had done when he auditioned in Britain’s Got Talent. James Smith has stunned the world with his own rendition of Feeling Good by Nina Simone.

It was so soft, clean, and breathtaking that the whole stadium became silent for a moment since they couldn’t help but just listen to his angelic voice.

At the end of his outstanding performance, everyone stood on their feet and cheered James. It was a surreal experience for the guy.

Undoubtedly, BGT is an excellent avenue for many talented individuals and groups to let the whole world know of their capabilities. It might just be a TV show to you, but to some, it’s where the dreams get started.

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Teen earns 12.6M views by singing Nina Simone\'s \'Feeling Good\' on BGT