Teen Has Judges Dancing To Her Powerful Performance of ‘Price Tag’

Anne is a contestant who has it all, as you’ll certainly agree after witnessing her amazing audition on The Voice Kids Germany. For her blind audition, Anne picked Jessie J’s upbeat track ‘Price Tag,’ which couldn’t have suited her distinct voice and style better. It showed us all exactly what girl power should be about.

One could instantly hear that a winner was on stage, with a performance that sounded as polished as any headlining artist. Judge Sasha was the first to turn, dancing along as he drummed his buzzer. Judge Lena was next up, equally enjoying this songbird’s voice. Mark waited a little longer, but not without dancing along before his chair too turned.

Anne Sophie is an artist who has had massive success since making it big on The Voice Kids Germany. The level of talent showcased with her song price ‘Price Tag’ set a level of skill that she consistently bettered, continuing to perform at numerous music festivals around her home country. Her version of this iconic track is a must-hear breakthrough.