Teen’s Cover Of Elton John’s ‘Rocket Man’ Has Judges Going Nuts

Scottish Teenage singer Kerr James wowed the BGT 2019 judges with his semi-final performance of Elton Johns ‘Rocket Man.’ The 13-year-old received a well-earned standing ovation for his skill on the piano.

When Scotland’s own Kerr James took to the stage on “Britain’s Got Talent” during the 2019 semi-finals, he brought with him a huge voice, a white piano, and a voice way too large for a kid who’s only 13-years-old.

Said one fan: “I think Sir Elton would be impressed. Big voice for a youngster and can play two instruments well enough to have the confidence to play them on the show.”

Teen\'s Cover Of Elton John\'s ‘Rocket Man’ Has Judges Going Nuts