Talented family band has the groovy vibes of That ’70s Show

The Curtis Family C-Notes

A family of seven came onto the stage of America’s Got Talent and delivered a stunning performance. Their band is called The Curtis Family C-Notes, and they’re oozing with talent.

In their band is Maestro Curtis, also known as Papa C, Nola Curtis, also known as Mama C, and their five children. Phoenix is 11 years old, plays piano, violin, guitar, bass, and can sing.

Kiki is 13, playing the electric guitar. Isis, at 14, can play drums and the keyboard. Miles, who plays bass and sings, is 15. Their eldest is Zahara, who is 16. She plays guitar, violin, and drums.

The Curtis Family C-Notes

For their quarterfinals performance, The Curtis Family C-Note sang an extraordinary cover of ‘Love Train.’ Their music had the audience on their feet and clapping along with them.

The sounds of their instruments filled the air, and their presence was electrifying. They danced while they played their instruments and all of their voices were fantastic.

Watching them was like taking a trip back to the 70s. It was a groovy performance, to say the least. They wore vibrant, varied outfits that captured the essence of that memorable era.

It is heartwarming to see their incredible family bond. Their performances are always unforgettable, and it is exciting to see what the future has in store for their loving family.

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