Talented Dancers Show Off Outstanding Moves to “Redneck Woman” Cover

Country music is mostly listened to in the southern half of the United States. It’s most popular with those who consider themselves cowboys or “rednecks.” Three talented dancers in Brazil love to show off their dancing skills to country music.

The trio is from Sao Pao, and they live on a Brazilian ranch. The leader of the group is named Thys Monaro, and she’s a real-life cowgirl and choreographer. Her social media accounts are filled with tutorials about how to be a cowgirl.

The video starts with Thys in the center with Drama Lendario on the left, and Warlei Oliveiraon on the right. These three don’t hold back with a fantastic cover of the classic country hit “Redneck Woman” begins to play.

They kick up their boots and do a flawless dance routine. You’d think these three would be Texas natives with the way they line dance. We can’t wait to see which twangy tune they’ll strut to next.