Talented 8-Year-Old Girl Moves Audience With Touching “You Raise Me Up” Routine

Thanks to the invention of the internet, we’re able to see a plethora of talented people. Whether they’re singing, dancing, or telling a joke, it can be quite entertaining. One eight-year-old girl blows us away with her phenomenal performance to “You Raise Me Up.”

One of the best things about kids is that they have a lot less shame than adults. They put their heart and soul into whatever they’re doing. Lynzee Ensell is passionate about dancing, and you can’t help but notice when you see her move.

If she has stage fright, you can’t tell with her flawless routine to the tear-jerking song “You Raise Me Up.” She starts out with her held high during the Showstopper Pittsburg 2020 dance competition. She then lifts her gaze upwards as if she’s about to say a prayer.

Trained in acro-dancing, this talented young lady won second play for the Mini Acro Solo category. There’s no denying that she’ll go on to do incredible things. She moves with the music effortlessly, and we can’t see what’s in store for her future.